Self-Service Laundromat

At Super Clean, we have 40+ Electrolux Professional washers & dryers in many different sizes, so you’re always sure to find a machine to suit your needs. Our large capacity machines easily handle a whole week’s worth of clothes, helping you get your laundry done in no time. And of course, our equipment can handle special items like duvets and sleeping bags without a problem.

5:00 AM to Midnight

Our Amenities

With bill changers and soap machines on site, all you need to bring is your laundry. Our fully-attended store has comfortable seating and folding areas, and you can enjoy TV and free wifi while you wait.


Starting at

  • Electrolux 20 lb Capacity from $3.50
  • Electrolux 30 lb Capacity from $4.50
  • Electrolux 45 lb Capacity from $6.00
  • Electrolux 62 lb Capacity from $8.00


as low as
per 5 minutes

  • Electrolux 30 lb Capacity — $0.25 per 5 mins
  • Electrolux 45 lb Capacity — $0.25 per 3 mins

Our Location

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